being that it's summer and hot and i'm without air conditioning, i have my big windows open in the dining room. what's weird is the noises that come through. just now, i heard the piano from the movie, "amelie." my neighbor must be watching it. just like how "audiences across america agree," i like the film. not for the same reasons that i think others do (enter: here's how i'm unmistakably ME explanation.) i thought i killed truck drivers, once. just like the young amelie who is fooled into thinking that her instamatic camera causes catastrophe with planes, trains and automobiles, i thought i had caused the nameless deaths of many a truck driver.

when i was 6, i was accustomed to riding in the back of my parents' car making faces at truck drivers we'd pass on the freeway because i liked the way they took double takes whenever i made a face. for some reason, one night as i was watching some made for t.v. movie on juvenile delinquents, the idea hit me: what if i caused the drivers to have a truck accident?? at the time, i was also playing with my yo yo. when this idea came to me, i immediately looked down at my yo yo and became sad. it was only a matter of time before the cops found me, and then i'd have to go to jail... but, i knew they wouldn't allow me to bring my toys. i don't remember how i got over that one, though. i know i did vow to never make faces at truck drivers again.

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