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aww... sartre. sip wine

You scored as Jean-Paul Sartre. You are Jean-Paul Sartre. You could also be called a humanist, because you believe that humanity has the power to change their condition at any time; no one is born a coward, they only choose to be one. You also like open relationships that are far from monogamous, and you possibily have a lazy eye.

Friedrich Nietzsche


Jean-Paul Sartre


Albert Camus


Martin Heidegger


Soren Kierkegaard


Not An Existentialist


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i once had a childhood babysitter who lived in the next apartment building. he was an old filipino man who would offer my brothers and i sucret throat lozenges as "candy." one day, as i leaned against the living room wall and looked at his cocked eyes i asked:

"what happened to your eyes?"

he answered, "they're broken."

after we moved out of the hood, my parents would take me back every so often to our former housing project to visit with our old neighbors. the last time i saw my former babysitter, i ran up to him and hugged him. according to my dad, he had surgery on his eyes.

"see?" my dad said, "your babysitter doesn't have broken eyes."

i think of him everytime i see tins of sucrets lozenges.