los angeles times presents?

i guess it's a necessary evil. those with the big bucks try and always take to the stage, even when it's not their show. i'm curating a youth activism film/video screening where i show works by youth artists and activists that are offering their visions for a just and more educated world. unfortunately, in order to get money for the film festival of which this screening is a part, all the publicity materials have to say, "the los angeles times presents." HAH! they don't even know what the hell they're presenting. i was even asked to allow a representative from the LA times "give a few words." on WHAT?! it pisses me off that when given one of the few opportunities to promote and showcase INDEPENDENT MEDIA i have to allow someone from the LA TIMES! to GIVE A FEW WORDS??!!! they have a fucking newspaper issued 7 days a week in print and on the Web. that should be enough. they don't need to take any more time from youth of color telling it like it REALLY is.

cover boy

the cover of this month's "american prospect" magazine has george, jr. standing in a gray suit looking upward against a black back drop. the caption:

"the most dangerous president ever."

i didn't know if i should laugh or solemnly nod my head. even with the black backdrop and the menacing cover title, george still looks like an ass. who are we kidding? george, jr. only serves as a metonym for the real danger, an administration that is locked down by media/military conglomerate power machines that have succeeded in obliterating all the ideals that you learn about in grade school history on how america is the "land of the free,"--freedom of speech, of the press, etc. i don't think george, jr. even has the mental capacity to zip up his pants when exiting the restroom, let alone run a country. i love the cover photograph, though. it looks like george is ready to get beamed up. i wish...