never at a loss for words...

i'm just at a loss for time. i've been putting in 18 hour days of working at both my jobs and i haven't been able to write often enough to keep my reader(s) (one pair of hands clapping) adequately entertained (crickets chirping). whereas, "v" suffers from "bloggerhea," i have "blogstipation." i'm just posting this piece right now so that at least something new shows up on this site for people (getting optimistic) to read (lone clapper, again). maybe i'm not trying hard enough. do i really need four hours of sleep?

i heard from "h." she's "not liking the navy thing." she's floating around in the gulf where she sees oil fields spoiling the water everywhere. she just wants the war to end so that she can go home. after the war, we can only look forward to another episode of "the muppet show," starring ahmed chalabi. "democracy" smells so foul when it's fake.


kevin costner: this could be your comeback

standing in front of the ATM machine, i had asked, "i" if she had a 401(k) plan:

i: no, but i need to.

me: oh, really? (i had just figured that as a teacher, she would have had that covered already).

i: i need to research companies that deal in water purification. you know, i think the next wars will be fought over water.

"whoa!" i thought. i never thought that far ahead, like that. do people really plan their retirement funds based on the next wars of tomorrow? for a second, i thought of the movie "waterworld," where land, or soil, was like gold to those living in a post-apocalyptic era. what kind of attempted-blockbuster hit film could be made out of the search for potable water? then, i thought, what a bleak future. can humanity sink to such selfish levels in which basic necessities for life--like water--could be a prized commodity over which we would have to battle? hey "v," weren't you the one who blogged: "beam me up, scotty; this planet sucks?"