the blogger has three faces

perhaps it's too far removed, but i hope someone in the universe who reads this will recognize that this post's title is in homage to bab's mirror has two faces. if not, then i'll just wait it out and then revisit this blog posting after some time has passed and validate myself by thinking, "yes. barbra streisand. yes, i remember."

i guess i'll categorize this post as a "vanity" blogging moment. i'm blogging about myself blogging. what a journalistic no-no. does the LA times make headlines about the LA times making headlines? no. instead, they send annoying spam emails to innocent cyber readers that ever dared to look up, log in and read an article of theirs online. but me?

i have so many blogs.

for some reason, i thought it necessary to create two additional blogs to this one. i had sex? in this city? to write about my on-and-off love life (though, most of it was mostly off!) I then had frictions to be the "creative" part of my life. so, where did that leave eye8infiniti? if not love and creativity, what else is there to write about or write with?

this post is about nothing. not just nothing, but nothingness. there. that's two things. do two zeroes make a one? do two blogs make me write? i have three and i can barely keep up.

blahhhhhhhhg. blahhhhhhh bllaaaaaahhhggggerrrrrr...