that i write about this, is a shame

maybe it's the late hour, but i'm a bit stunned that Avery labels would sell CD/DVD labels & insert combo sheets that boast of "free" template downloads online when they're only for PC's. there's not even any mention--no note accompanied by an asterisk--that gives any clue as to what people with Mac's are supposed to do. there's a 1-800 number on the bottom of the package of labels, but i'm not too optimistic as to what kind of conversation i would have with whoever picks up the phone. i've done that before. in junior high, i was about to mop the floor, when i read on the floor cleaner bottle that i should "spot check" a floor tile to see if it will ruin its finish. i decided to call the 1-800 number on the bottle to ask if there were any harmful acids that could damage ceramic tiles. my answer? "no." i felt stupid. i also felt bad for whoever answered the phone. how many neurotics called them on a daily basis? i wondered if i were their first OCD customer. i wonder if that last sentence was grammatically correct in its usage of the imperfect tense. i wonder if i called the "imperfect tense" correctly, here. if that sentence was correct then the last two or three (including this one) are incorrect. no. i'm not high.