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You are Hhomi K. Bhabha! You're the most important
post-colonialist alive. You taught at the
University of Chicago for a while before you
were finally hired up by Harvard. You actually
only have one book, but it's a really important
book, and everyone respects you tremendously.
You are not dead.

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the revolving door...

tonight was date #3 with new guy, "a." we had planned to have dinner this week for when i got back from san antonio. i suggested this indian restaurant to which "r" took me on our second date. i really liked the place, since it was a cozy restaurant built in a converted garage. the only thing was, since that date in july, i had been there one other time in october with, "v." every time i go to that restaurant, i get the same server and i know he recognizes me. the problem is, though, that i'm always there with a different guy. tonight was no different. "a" and i decided to meet there, since he was coming from work. we ended up showing up at the same time and parking right behind each other out front. when i walked in, the same server saw me and extended his hand to welcome me back. i immediately wondered, "he must think i'm some slut. ah, hell. i'm hungry." FAST FORWARD

dinner happened for a long time. coincidentally, i was sitting in the same place that "r" sat on our date--we were sitting in the same booth. i dominated most of the evening's conversation. i think "a" found my anecdotes pretty amusing. well, at least he's a good audience member. as for chemistry... i'm really taking this one slow... we're still at the "huggy bye bye" stage. we had a two-hour dinner. afterwards, we parted ways with plans again for the future. we're also at the "let's go dutch" stage. i refuse to have him treat me, either. as j.lo would say, "love don't cost a thing." NEWS FLASH! "a" just "texted" me on my cell phone, thanking me for taking him to paru's... TEXTING? what am i? some geeky video gamer that's too socially inept for a fucking phone call? i don't think i'll "text" back. it'll encourage him to continue to communicate like a pass-the-note-in-class teenager. oh, bubba.

you know, writing about my love life can really be depressing. they fucking "found" saddam and inhumanely paraded his public medical examination all over the fucking television airways. saddam's no fucking saint; neither are the past US administrations that ARMED him during the iran-iraq war, and allowed him to be the tyrant he was. regardless, seeing the medical examination footage on the news was too reminiscent of this country's bloodthirsty history of white vigilantes parading lynched black men around town. i knew dubya would be pulling a fucking rabbit out of a hat for the 2004 re-election campaign. it was either: a) they'd plant WMD's in iraq to justify the war, or b) they'd cut a damn deal with saddam to be "found," and "tried," and then sent off to a covertly luxurious hide-a-way, after feigning to be signed, sealed and delivered to a naive american public that is still intellectually clouded enough to forget history and think that al qaeda and 9-11 had anything to do with saddam. wonderful... gimme fucking david blaine antics; don't give me dubya copperfield!!! FUCK! (yeah, i'm being overly vulgar with this entry, but there's nothing more base than how this country and what it's doing to the rest of the world is than right now). FUCK!