and? he's already a mad cow

i hope he never becomes a vegetarian.


we'll make plans...

last night i saw "the return of the kings" with "a." we went and got a drink first at the tiki ti. he talked more this time, but only to give more details of a story he shared on our third date. i still laughed, though--so hard that my stomach hurt. but still... during the movie, people cheered when they saw orlando bloom's legolas. shit. i would cheer, too, but i had company. i started getting nervous towards the end of the movie when i saw, "a" reach for the tic tacs. he offered me some, but i refused. i thought, "shit!!! he's gonna try and make a move tonight. maybe if i show that i don't care if my breath stinks, it'll show i'm not ready. it'll buy me time."

when we were leaving the theatre, i started having a serious yawning attack. again... i think i was trying to show the, "i'm tired, nothing's gonna happen tonight after the movie, either!" whenever i yawn, though, my eyes tear up. "a" thought i was emotional because the LOTR trilogy was over: "awww... are you okay?" he puts his hand around my shoulders. i subtly shrugged them off: "oh, i'm okay. my eyes just get watery when i yawn. don't yours?" i continued to yawn all the way home. during the ride, he popped another tic tac. "oh shit," i thought. i was driving back to my house, but i wanted to make sure that he knew that i was going in my house... alone... unless he asked to use my restroom. when i pulled up to my house i asked, "so, where's your car?" luckily, he parked just across the street. we got out and i thanked him for hanging out. i told him to "drive safe" and said my most famous end-of-the-date line, "we'll make plans." he lingered in the driveway to watch me walk into the house, so i just waved again and made it safely inside. WHEW!