i need anti-fixation pills

i've been playing rickie lee jones's "stewart's coat" repeatedly on guitar until i started developing symptoms of "guitar-ple" tunnel. i only heard of the song by chance when i was at my parents' house. i was in the computer room--doing what i'm doing right now as i type this--when i heard music coming from the television in the living room. i recognized rickie's high-pitched, slurred singing and ran to the living room to see what it was. the end credits of when a man loves a women were playing on the television with this song. you'd think with that title, percy sledge would be stretching over the cast and crew list at the end. is that what happens when a man loves a woman? they go through rehab with you? i've never seen the movie. i guess it's the more somber version of "sleepless in seattle." it's the "drinkless in seattle" for real people with real problems. at least meg ryan was trying to do something different from her usual romantic-comedy "i'm so perky i could cry" act. maybe i'll try and catch the movie sometime on my parents' cable. at least it will keep me from playing the damn song on the guitar until my fingers bleed.


bad equation

i have to come up with a musical skit in two days. in my head, the pieces i've laid out together are as follows:

"silence of the lambs"
the soundtrack of "silence of the lambs"
condoleeza rice
the senate hearings on "did bush know 911?"

who the hell thought i would become such the mathematician? i wonder if i need one of the $90 texas instruments.