obvious from the obvious 

"what is that?"

"a toilet paper holder." not the kind you hang on a wall; this was some "modern" thingamajig made of zig zag lines reaching (with toilet paper rolls) for the sky.

"good invention."

i give a half-assed acknowledgment smirk to his comment. meanwhile, i'm creeped out because he keeps following me through the aisles of the store.

later at the check-out counter:

"oh, you got some bathroom stuff."

"yeah." i'm pretty sparse with words when it comes to responding to comments of the obvious from the obvious creepy person tailing me throughout the store. i conveniently pull out my phone and listen to all-ready-listened-to-messages. i think of how the toilet paper holder can easily be re-purposed for self-defense. then, i make an exit.