back in the day...

shit. there i go again with the f*ing ellipses... (again! i did it, again!) back in 1997, when i was first getting acquainted with the internet, i knew so little about the web that i didn't know what people would ever want to look at. my first time on the internet was at the computer lab at college. i was using netscape. i remember being scared off by the window that opens saying "you may be entering a site that is not secure. click "ok" to continue." i clicked "cancel" instead because i thought i would be entering something illegal. even as recently as last year, when i got my present computer, i really didn't know what to do with my time online other than check email. i used to sit at the screen and stare at my homepage wondering "why the hell do people spend so much time on the internet?" i thought everyone was just cyber-shopping.

that was then... now... my EYESIGHT is going to shit! i'm addicted to web sites like "friendster" and other people's blogs that i have finally found a replacement for bad t.v. THE MADNESS NEEDS TO END. starting tomorrow, i'm going to time my time online. i can only check email and then surf for 1 hour per 4 hours that i'm conscious... let's see... now i need to do the math.


kill the violins...

note to self. i think my dear friendster, "milagros," says it best when she writes about the dark side of meeting people on the internet:

"on the radio today, i heard the rate of
syphilis is increasing in the bay area and that of
40% of the cases, the people met the people that
gave them syphilis over the internet."

i'll keep that in mind, even though i am in l.a.