the opposite of war is creation...

just got back from the hospital. c+c baby factory had their first hit song, "k" was born at 12:10 a.m., weighing in at 7.8 pounds. happy may day! (uh oh. we got a taurus).


the opposite of war is not peace, but creation

riding on the bus on the way to the festival of books i was trying to desperately multi-task. "r" had given me coco fusco to read and i was intent on fighting my "i can't read in moving vehicles" nausea in order to enjoy the good read. even still, my chronic sleep deprivation started taking over and my head started rolling around as i nodded off. i would awake to read a few more lines or to whack my head repeatedly on this pole behind me. even more, "r" had this incredible knack to not notice that i wasn't fully conscious and insisted on talking to me. i would try and oblige him by lifting my head and forcing my eyes open (even though my eye balls were rolling towards the back like in the "exorcist.") right before our stop, coco flew out of my hands and slid onto the bus floor.

at the festival, i overheard an announcer introduce amy tan as a do-wop back-up singer. at another booth i saw haoli's in hawaiian shirts complimenting other haoli's passing by in their hawaiian shirts just because they were promoting a book written by a haoli about another haoli trying to be the poster savior for the hawaiian sovereignty movement. nothing like the white savior. HI DUBYA! life would never had advanced had you not brought "democracy" to iraq. we bomb cuz we love.

maybe it's because of the war, but for some reason, i only spent money at the "festival of books" on a couple of BLANK books. i did walk out with something published, though--i got a free copy of "confrontations, crossings and convergence: photographs of the philippines and the united states 1898-1998." in it, i saw the disturbing "anthropological" photographs of the filipinos brought over to the states in 1904 for the st. louis world's fair. looking at how a "democratic" country like the united states could abduct and put on display for the sake of the spectacle, other human beings, i realized that this country has not advanced much further since 1904. i think i just happened to get this book for free in order to fuel the fire for the pages in my blank books that have yet to be written on. (yeah. yeah. to be grammatically correct, one is not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition. if that's true, then i guess "fuck off" wouldn't be acceptable, either--right?)