the pathology of my madness

i'm not sure if my sudden turn to divination is a big 180 from my earlier posts. perhaps it's indicative of my momentary loss of faith in things getting better. i'm still plotting and praying for a coup d'etat. but, i realize that's going to take a long time. in a week, i'll be starting a residency training young women of color organizers wanting to incorporate media production in their campaign against U.S. deportation of refugees. yes, readers. this lovely country that prides itself on its statue of liberty as the beacon of freedom is well underway in having international treaties that allow for well planned and well structured ethnic cleansing. this just in: ALL you canucks are safe!!!! alanis m. (best known for "isn't it ironic... doncha think?"): don't worry. even though your music and the feigned spiritual "depth" that you don as you sing about antibiotics is NOT going to be deemed as subversive or anti-government... but, if you are an unfortunate member of the "we're here because the US was here and i can no longer live in my own country," WE'RE SENDING YOU BACK!!! i hope people think about that as they put another f*ing hot dog on the grill this friday.

here's my 4th of july cheer:

red is for blood, white for hegemony and blue is what we feel cuz the bad shit's for REAL!!! hip hip hooray, UNCLE SHAM!


notice! scroll to the bottom!

btw, i have now included divination tools to this blog, courtesy of facade dot com. coin toss and daily tarot are now available at the bottom of this page. these tools are for just in case my postings add some stress or confusion to your daily lives (please smell the sarcasm). ENJOY!

if it ain't one thing...

i've given up. i'll continue to use ellipses until the day i get a more savvy blog design. until then... let me have my header for these cyber ramblings... (ugh...) anyway, i think i've found the antidote to friendster --other than it's own inability to keep up with the growing critical mass that continually crashes the system and makes it inaccessible to the "community." i'm now learning how to read tarot cards. (enter cyber laugh track). no, i'm not some hokey suburban housewife searching for answers about "why doesn't my husband talk to me?" nor, am i some whacked out lost soul trying to get definitive answers to my questions about my unsure future. i'm a cosmopolitan girl asking these questions... (just kidding). i really don't think it matters who one is when you "consult the cards." similar to my attitude to astrology, i believe using divination tools, like the tarot, is just another system that humans set up to try and map out their unconscious thoughts or feelings. some people find the tarot sacrilegious, or evil because of its links to the occult, but i don't really see that. i think it's just a method that people use to articulate what they may or may not already think or feel. everyone in life puts their own meaning or interpretation to any thing or event that they may find to be "symbolic" of something. the cards are just one of them... why am i defending the cards so much? you'd think i'm doing a paid infomercial. btw, if you want to make an arbitrary decision by the toss of a coin i'll soon be adding divination tools to this site.

anyway... my point. my journal--not this blog. here, you're only getting a TASTE into all that eye8 in my life of the "infiniti"--is being invaded by my notes on readings i've been doing. it certainly has changed the tone of my writings from being about all my daily anxieties to being calm and omniscient writings that sound like, "i think that if you focus on such and such, it will help you do such and such." i've also included diagrams of card placement from my readings. interesting. i wonder what i'll think when i look back to these pages. hmmm... are the pixies good music to which one can drift off to sleep?

btw, i am also tiring of friendster because i keep getting random messages from frat boys wielding coors light in their pictures and other men with possible to overtly obvious women of color fetish... YICK! GO AWAY!!! this four degrees of separation can really get claustrophobic. they obviously didn't read the part where i said, I'M NOT INTERESTED IN DATING!!! (bitter? party of one? bitter? party of one? we got the back corner table facing the wall).