celebrate good times... come on.

today's the national day of mourning for the passing of ronald reagan. yeah, condolences to his family. but, more so, condolences to the broken families of south central that suffered from members dealing with crack addiction; condolences to the broken families in colombia, nicaragua, the philippines--all those people who suffered under the administration of the "great communicator" (aka "crack kingpin" of the 80's).

i think i'll go to the beach today, YAHOO!!!


what are the nuts gonna do next?

it's great to hear that mr. bushit is faltering in popularity, (not that i'm a kerry fan) but i still get nervous when i hear the latest polls. i end up worrying what next stunt the administration is going to pull to ensure a victory in november... let's see... so they pulled saddam out of the hat in december... ok... now, they've pulled the color-changing magic of homeland security ("what? there's dissatisfaction with the country's economy? well, shit!!! orange alert! someone's gonna attack any minute now!") we're still at war with our neo-colony... what's next? they'll probably bomb an american building and blame it on another actor from the same actor's agency where they cast osama bin laden. awww, jeez. we're going to hell as long as these mofo's are in power... christ. americans? are you THAT stupid? revolt! ok... mr. ashcroft... dissent! (now, that's still legal, right? oh... oops.)


ding dong, the gipper's gone

reagan is dead!!! can we get over it? we're still reeling from reaganomics of the 80's; mentally ill homeless people who had to be released from social service cutbacks under reagan are still roaming the street, DO I NEED TO HEAR ANY MORE NEWS COVERAGE ABOUT WHAT'S GOING ON WITH HIS COLD, STIFF BODY?

the guy was a fuckin' actor who played his best role as a speech reader in the white house. we need some serious perspective, here. fuckin' a...