this last time... 

the last time i saw my friend, "m," we were eating at some 24-hour joint in some upscale beach town southwest of LA on a rainy night. that night at the restaurant, he doodled a future tattoo on his wrist and i got to gain an anecdote of, "i saw AC green of the LA lakers at the table behind us!" i guess i'm still surprised i even had this memory, since the previous time we had hung out before this last time ended in a forgettable night of stoned and drunken, blacked-out insults. but perhaps, that's what kept our friendship going up to this last time we hung out--conflict, confusion and consistency.

for some bad reason, we took my car though "m" was at the wheel since, "i don't live around here. you drive." it was raining so hard, and my car was so old and my wipers so in need of retirement that we really took a gamble with our lives on the way home. "m" kept griping about the broken defroster, the frosted windows, the blurry windshield and the rain that kept coming. somehow we made it back to his house.

my last memory of seeing him was waving goodbye at his doorstep with my bent umbrella and my open-toed shoes, "i didn't know it was gonna rain." that was way over a year ago. i got a free southwest ticket with my name on it. maybe i'll drop by chi-town and say, "hi" if he'll open the door.