when all else fails...

i'm going to the beach this saturday. i don't care about anything else that's supposed to be going on, except that i need to lie on the sand and read and fall asleep and drool on an open book. it may be cloudy, it may be chilly, but it may be the only thing keeping me from going off the edge. ok. that was oh-so-overly dramatic, but i wanted to convey urgency, here.

it will be another rent day. it will be a day that once again will hammer in the fact that THE SUMMER IS OVER and my least favorite season is here. autumn always depresses me. i can handle winter, since at least the fall has prepared me to not expect too much from the winter.

gosh, i miss the spring and the summer. in terms of ideal lifestyle scheduling... i would sleep until 10am, do my work from 1am-6am, and then only have to function in the spring and summer. what i'd do with the rest of the time? daydream and take my time... how, i always relish taking my time. (sigh)


what do you want? a fucking medal?

"you don't seem to recognize that i have years of experience organizing in communities of color."

--"that's great, but maybe white people should organize white people so WE won't have to work so fucking hard organizing ourselves!"