i've had it

i'm so sick of LA driving. i was trying to run my errands today when i kept getting into awkward near miss accidents. while going up hyperion to get to trader joe's, i kept signalling to merge into the right lane to the side where the store was. this asshole truck guy kept creeping up my blind spot to keep me from moving in front of him. the traffic was so heavy in that lane, i thought, "what's the rush? he ain't getting anywhere fast, and i need to just get to the market-so, in and out of his lane." i ended up having to throw my hand to signal "right," since my lights weren't enough for this fuckface. then i made into the parking lot. that was also crowded. i almost got hit by a driver trying to back up to get into her parking space. usually, my reflexes are slow, but for the first time, i was able to blow my horn. jeez! i was so wired by the time i got to the market that my hands were shaking. shit, my fists should've been shaking.

another thing: i'm fucking sick of LA hipsters!!!! they're the yuppified, downwardly mobile who buy and wear $60 vintage t-shirts and $40 john deere trucker hats because it's a thrill to buy shit that lower income people usually get at such a cheaper price. they don't comb their hair, or they sculpt it with $60 hair products into a do that says, "i don't care if my hair's a mess" when we all know very well that they sure as hell do. they're everywhere in my neighborhood. in cafes, in supermarkets at the video store. what's up with $60 in this entry? who knows... i just hate hipsters.

saw the "passion"

during certain points of the movie, i had to keep from laughing and risking death by pummeling from the more religiously devout in the theatre audience. mel gibson really has an eye for the macabre. first, he casts an actress who looks like anne murray without the eyebrows to play the devil. then, he gratuitously casts little people to represent the freakish, the devilish and the horrific in the movie (why aren't little people organizations up in arms? shit, even PETA joined in all the gibson bashing). the most thrilling thing for me in seeing the movie was hearing aramaic spoken on the big screen and hearing and sharing heckling jokes with my friend, "d.":

d: who directed this? matthew barney?

me: jesus! why the hell didn't mel get into the horror movie genre?

there was a moment when the visual effects sunk to the level (as "d" put it) of clash of the titans, but overall, hey! i don't get what all the controversy is all about. i don't buy the anti-jewish claims (have the protesters even seen the film?). it's not like this jesus story hasn't been told before and replayed over and over during easter weekend on tv. would people prefer if gibson re-wrote the story of the passion with the greeks wanting to put jesus to death? shit, maybe the swiss. nobody ever demonizes the swiss because they're so damn neutral. they're "safe." maybe, he could have thrown in an osama or saddam hussein subplot. (i smell a big controversy coming on here. well, that is if anyone even read this damn thing). definitely, "d" and i were thrilled to see three people of color! in the entire movie (smell the sarcasm), but then again, what did i expect? white director, white leading cast, white writers. kudos to those few black actors that made it on-screen! now, can someone explain the king herod portrayal?


fast and the furious

okay, there's no testosterone here. (yeah, yeah. "r" always says i have more testosterone than he does.) there's no vin diesel, either. i've been so obsessed with writing the screenplay for "t" and my next project. i want to finish by the end of march. i don't sleep regularly, and i haven't been consistent with showering (YIKES! BUT REALLY, I DON'T SMELL! things that need to be washed get washed, and clothes that need to be changed get changed--that's TMI, just don't judge), but at least i have 10 pages for our 30 minute short. i'm really excited about it. it's our first sci-fi flick about time travel. lovely. i can't write more about it right now since i don't want to "give up the goods" too soon. when "t" and i go to seattle next week, i hope to have more work done. i'm a bit sick, too, these days. i'm recovering from the last workshop (the films were FANTABULOUS, i must say. what VISION the workshop participants had!!). i think OCD really comes in handy when you're trying to push on through with your creative work. this entry isn't particularly interesting, either, but i just had to get it out my system. this is the meta-process of the writing process. i'm processing the process. i sound like a food processor. i should mince some garlic, drink some tea, run the bath water, comb my hair. but first things first. film yes, hygiene... in a minute.


his name is geoffrey

i saw a ghost last night while being fully conscious and for the first time, i wasn't scared. i wasn't scared because i thought he was a real person, until my workshop students told me that he always is walking down the hallway in that direction. he had a shaved head, a black hooded sweatshirt and he walked by so fast without making a sound. people saw him three times last night and they heard inexplicable sounds in the restroom. they call him geoffrey because "n" just had that name come to mind when thinking of him. "t" thinks his presence was so well known to us during the workshop because so many of us in the workshop have that sensitivity to them. "t" also thinks we should start a "special gifts" group. oh, ghosts. you gotta love 'em! i see dead people.