i need shades for the winter olympics 

reihan salam really struck a chord with me as i waste a few precious hours a day getting lost in the human drama of athletic competition for the 2006 torino winter olympics. already, the comments to his article have solicited responses from white readers that show that they just don't get it when it comes to racial politics from a person of color perspective. but then again, should i ever have high expectations for that? one reader wonders why reihan would feel a kinship for a latino pugilist at the "multi culti summer olympics" in atlanta, or for the jamaican bobsled team from those winter olympics years ago. why? well, i for one, growing up would practically drool whenever i saw people of color on TV, because it was such a rarity. i didn't care what ethnicity/race they were. i was missing me some melanin. as for the jamaican bobsled team... now really... does "derek" from his upper middle-class connecticut family really need my support as he tests his wits on the giant slalom? or, should i root for fellow third worlders who had to brave a colonial hijacked economy in their home country, in order for them to even overcome the hardship of just getting a plane ticket to the olympics? i think i'll go root for the roots from jamaica. in other words...the winter olympics are still so white... i gotta wear shades.



don't speak ill of the dead... 

but the verdict is out. i prefer frank mill's version of "music box dancer" much better than liberace's. i don't care for the sped up tempo of liberace's version. it doesn't throw me back 25 years into childish giddiness like the former's version.

that song used to drive me crazy when i was little.

well... i'm still crazy. thanks, frank.