thanks... but who asked YOU?

yep. that's democracy. thanks to the ineffective and spineless united nations, the US and britain have been given the head start on the blue light special on iraq's oil fields. woot fuckin' woo! i'm so glad the UN are so generous with giving the "wink wink/nudge nudge" go-ahead for imperialism. the war isn't over, the misery is just beginning.


to all my reader(s): (chorus of crickets) i must apologize for the past month of ho hum and sporadic entries. i think i've just been debating how much to "reveal without revealing," and as a result, i have failed to be anything but "entertaining." i need to WAKE UP! whatever happened to my anti-war.eye.h8.bush tirades? believe me. i still feel it, but i think i need to quit my betchen and get to progressin'.

the weather is getting hot... that means flared up tempers (beware of the pig patrols), the self-absorbing apathy of the sun worshippers and sweaty discontented dissidents. i wonder what will be cooking up this summer. man. there's so much work to do... it's giving me hives.


like fate.

last night, my friend jim bean helped me get to sleep while listening to his "cousin," jeff. before i left for work this morning, i debated about bringing his cd to listen at work. as soon as i got into work and turned on my radio, i realized i didn't need to. "last goodbye" was playing... talk about coinkadink.


you'll be missed very much ...

i can't say enough about how much i admired and valued her work, her laughter and her words of wisdom. i just hope that the work continues.

rest in peace, linda. (9/4/53-5/19/03)