9 to 5... what a way to make a livin'!

this site tracking trips me out! i just found out that someone was able to link to my blog by doing a search on google using one of my favorite lines from my all-time fave film, "9 to 5." somewhere, it seems, there is a kindred spirit who appreciates this fantabulous flick. "judy bernly, please hold!"


i'm coveting my cyber neighbors.

i see everyone (enter crickets) is getting in line to sign my guestbook. i will avoid any links here, since i found out that the blogger that inspired me to get my own guestbook, just added a site tracker. let's just say that i feel bloggerly inadequate. no guestbook entries, and when i looked at the site tracking stats of the aforementioned blogger, i was amazed at how many hits this person gets over the course of just three days. this blogger had guestbook entries like "you are hilarious! you should publish!" i feel like a cybah losah! i insist. i'm funnier... (continue crickets...)

(ohm)mygosh! shoot me.

has it come down to this? i saw "licorice tea" on the box and dropped it in my cart. this morning, i dropped it into my commuter mug, poured the hot water, and eight minutes later i read:

"when you know that all is light, you are enlightened."

i'm drinking friggin' new age hippie tea. i wish i read, "yogi tea" before i read and reacted to "licorice tea." i feel like i'm going to a yoga class with "john anderson as your yoga master for today!" ohm...