quietly feeling...

i saw "a" for the first time at the offices, since "l" passed away. i was there to see this filmmaker screen films of his and of his students. i asked how "a" was doing. he told me that he wasn't doing to well during the initial weeks after "l" passed, and that he thought by continuing with film screenings and filmmaker talks, it would help him get over things. "it's been three weeks, already," he said. i told him, "well, you know, you gotta take your time." "l" was such a big loss. you can't put a time limit on feelings.

outside, some friends of mine were telling me stories about how the building is haunted. i thought how nice it would be if it were haunted with "l's" spirit.


is this mic on?

today i feel like the michael douglas character in "falling down." i'm tempted to use the phrase my friend, "r" uses when she says, "is mercury in retrograde?" communications are all FUCKED UP! i wonder what the hell is going on here. i'm steaming... ssssssssssss.