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i finally got in to see the boob doctor and they did an ultrasound that was pretty inconclusive about the lump--well, now it's lumps, since they found two. I'm supposed to wait and see if they grow and then come back, or just wait another 6 months. i do have the option of a biopsy, where they stick a needle in them and draw some cells, but i'm debating on if i wanna do that right now.

the ultrasound tech was hilarious, though:

she: so, the mammogram tech told me you have implants.

me: are you serious? would anyone get them this small? someone's spreading dirty rumors about me.

she: i was wondering because i can't find them. they're usually a pain in the ass. especially for mammograms. you have to displace them in order to see the tissue around them.

me: well, lemme tell you. these are 100% real. someone's just spreading dirty rumors!

afterwards, the ultrasound tech had me meet the mammogram tech. she apologized for mixing me up with another patient. she must've felt like an ass after taking a gander at my overly modest chest that i got on sale at the nature store.