wha wha wait a minute...

enough with charlize theron. from imdb.com:

theron moved to tears by mandela
Oscar-winner Charlize Theron broke down in tears after former South African President Nelson Mandela praised her for putting their country on the map. The actress - who picked up the Best Actress prize for her role as a serial-killing prostitute in Monster at last month's Academy Awards - was guest of honor at the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg yesterday. Mandela said of Theron, "She has put South Africa on the map. Even those who were ignorant of this place, having seen her, they must know that there is a country like South Africa." Wiping away her tears, the 28-year-old star told Mandela "I love you so much". Her meeting with Mandela comes just days after current president Thabo Mbeki congratulated Theron on her achievement. The actress left South Africa when she was 16, after a traumatic childhood - she witnessed her mother kill her violent father.

so, theron put south africa on the map. i guess that's because nelson mandela is from... from... where... oh, yeah. austria, right? he's some world-famous botanist, or something? well, i'm glad theron re-oriented myself to world geography.


i can't believe i renewed

fuckin' kcrw. all the pseudo-liberal bourgeois bohemians ("bo bo's") of los angeles listen to this station thinking that it's such a haven from the corporate-controlled mainstream media. yeah, that's because they're so "independent." my ass. any station that is required to pay (and can actually afford with philanthropic, corporate and listener funding) an annual $1 million in dues to npr is anything but "independent." and now the whiny, general manager, ruth seymour (she's the heavily east-coast accented voice that forces you to subscribe to the station in order to shut her up) has fired sandra tsing loh for using the f-word. please. let's go down memory lane of the 2003 flick, "gulf war II: the damn yankees return", shall we?

was i only dreaming when i remembered listening in horror as some creaky voice came onto the air announcing propagandist BULLSHIT from the buLLshit administration to the effect of: "watch out for a short man named annan. he may be a suicide bomber, who was last spotted in florida in 2001."

(this obviously, wasn't verbatim, but it was one of those "this just in" announcements on the station).

wow. now, loh's use of "fuck" is more dangerous than this crap during a time of war? hearing this propagandist and inflammatory crap from dear kcrw isn't actually my idea of "free press," but more like state propaganda. i regret it. ironically, for a pair of tickets to see afrika bambaataa i renewed a subscription i never should have. now, there's next year. screw 'em. bleep that, now.


get off it! F***HEADS!

i LOVE how the buLLshit administration is claiming their role in kidnapping aristide was just "incidental." the US just "suggested" that aristide leave and they just provided the role as "armed chaperones." i can smell the bullshit from here. AS IF anyone in the world is buying this. oh, yeah. jed from idaho is. but, he's still racking his brain as to where haiti is: "is it in africa?" (scratching head).


eye8infiniti celebrates ONE YEAR!

who knew that from my humble beginnings of not knowing a thing about HTML coding i would be able to continue to blog like a fool for a full year! to celebrate, i introduce yet another new blog, sex? in THIS city. enjoy! enjoy! and keep reading! (enter the sound of a kazoo orchestra and loud crashing cymbals).