i didn't make it to the beach and it shows

on saturday, i made it to kinko's, though. i paid for 30 minutes of downtown LA parking and i got almost a full hour (ding! ding! ding! whaddawinnah!)! i finalized my break up with "r" on monday, entertained "d" with a car accident monday night, and then went out on a date with new guy, "a" on tuesday night. bumped into ex "f" while i was out with "a," along the way. now it's wednesday... if i were a diligent blogger i would've had individual entries for each of these days, but i'm not. i won't get to make it to the beach this saturday, either since i'm going to wisconsin for work. great... i need the beach and it needs me. some people go fishing. i'm not some people. what's on the menu for wednesday? laundry. matrix review screenings, and... and... and... ellipses... ellipses...


get me off this sentimental journey

my biggest flaw is that i'm overly sentimental and i hate being in the here and now... i'd rather just stay in my head. if things aren't going the way i want them in the present, i retreat into my daydreams and i try to never wake up. it's strange, but i think it's best if i become a fool... like the fool in a tarot card deck. if i have no expectations, i won't have any disappointments and i'll take life as it comes. i really need to work on being in the here and now. not that asian am theatrical troupe that i pranced around with for a little over a year, but rather, someone who has her eyes wide open and is conscious of the ground on which i'm standing.

hey d! if you're reading this, tim w. LOVES YOU! ditto for me, too!