whoo! i'm on a roll when i finally get a night off.

this is a dream i wrote down a while back, when life was just a bit more different than it is right now:

dream: i had found out that an asteroid was on its way to Earth and that humankind was on its way to destruction. scientists were unsure if the Earth's atmosphere would burn up the asteroid. Upon hearing the news, I had remembered that "i" had mentioned seeing a "falling star" in the sky. skip to: i was watching through a high-rise window at a downtown high-rise landscape. i saw a big plane with sparks burning off its underbelly flying extremely low. a man's voice behind me had said: "oh no. there's something wrong." i saw the wings clipping high-rise office buildings as it descended unsteadily. i kept saying: "oh no! oh no!" skip to: a ground view. i was in a type of parking lot for a park. i saw parked cars, couples, mothers and children. and then, i saw the plane crashing, tumbling, people running. it was then that it seemed like it was on t.v. because i could turn away. i was reading a magazine article written by the daughter of a "progressive" politician--a woman. she (the daughter) was writing about how in this time of "terror," the u.s. could only protect itself if the citizens all believed in the same thing. this would "weed out" potential terrorists. i remember reading this and feeling sick. i thought: "how could she?" i was worried that we'd all have to be these flag-waving patriots in order to prove we weren't terrorists. then, "f" and "w" were talking about school and how they were studying the same topics: "american indians." i said: "yep. they were here!"--date of the dream journal entry: 11.22.02 i think the woman politician was my dream take on pelosi... damn her.

stop addiction!

this is it. no more quizilla shit. this doesn't help me to "know myself." great. i'm like carrie, or amy irving's sequel from "the fury," or drew barrymore's version in "firestarter." nice. howyalikemenow?

You can be a pyrokineticyst... You have the
power to create fires at will.

What are your special abilities?
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it's like when i couldn't find drugstore makeup for brown girls...

just took this quizilla quiz, again. i hard time answering any of the questions about how i would describe myself, since they were apparently written for only white girls. for physical descriptions, i had to choose that i have "sleek black hair with turquoise eyes," because nothing else fit. turquoise eyes?! yeah. courtesy of bausch & lomb.

Christina Ricci
You're Christina Ricci. Beautiful.

sign my guestbook!

thanks to signmyguestbook.com, and by looking at other people's blogs, i have added a guestbook to my blog (see below). though, my readership has dwindled down to a dedicated few or two readers (enter crickets), i'm hoping that they would be so kind to leave me a line or two. on a side note... what's with all the drama surrounding the dixie chicks? it's hilarious that the dim-witted twits who ballyhoo about the liberation of the oil fields of iraq, are so quick to resort to censoring those with contrary beliefs. poor natalie maines. there's nothing more distasteful than hypocritical and blindly patriotic americans...


offspring: and i don't mean the orange county "punk" band

met a cool person at the vcfilmfest2003. we found out that we ran in the same progressive/artist/activist WOC circles. she's half indian and half filipina. it's as if "t" and i had a child. i knew it. there was that book that said "t" and i were compatible for marriage. "t's" boyfriend better WATCH OUT!