it was a friday night 

i tried to up my nerd quotient friday night by staying up until 2am trying to de-clutter my browser bookmarks in both my main browsers (safari and firefox) and figure out a way to export my safari bookmarks to firefox. that's right... 2am. i was fortunate to find some Web site by some other fellow geek who obviously cares about having access to all his bookmarks from any browser on his computer, too.

for the first time, i used the terminal program and entered the correct command that created this additional "debug" menu in safari. under this menu, i was able to export all my safari bookmarks into some document that could be imported into firefox. it worked. i just don't know how to get rid of the debug menu. i was so excited. what a nerd.

and yes, i did spend over two hours de-cluttering my bookmarks. in line with my goal to de-clutter and feng shui my room, i decided to go through all the bookmarks i've accumulated over the last three years and do-away with those holding any "old energy." i also created this directory of subfolders that made all my bookmarks easier to find.

who needs to go out clubbing or to a movie with friends on a friday night? i sure don't. as long as i have an efficient bookmark system on BOTH my main browsers then life is good.

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some girls are nerdier than others (must be sung to the similar smiths' song).


at least i'm not charlotte 

You are Miranda.
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