life won't taste as sweet

i went to the chiropractor/acupuncturist today. i was so rushed with trying to do post-production on one of my student's films, output to tape, locate UPS stations, and get driving directions to the doctor's office that i lost all sense of time. or, all senses. it's when i'm really stressed that i catch bits of a disjunctive monologue rolling through my head:

i don't know how i can teach video production and not figure out how to record at SP on my damn VCR!

at 1:15 p.m.:
(looking at the clock while trying to mapquest my day) shit! i need to shower! who am i kidding?

maybe i don't need to shower. maybe i can fake it.

take a shower! give yourself 5 minutes tops!

when i was standing at the doorstep of my chiropractor's office, i realized at the last possible moment (right when the door was answered) that--

"oh, hi. i have a 3 o'clock appointment. i know it's early, but i'm here. oops. sorry." (i'm looking at my watch right then knowing fully that it's only 1:45 pm!!! how the hell did i shower, dress and get to the crenshaw district from echo park in 30 minutes?)

i slowly backed away from the door--

"hey, this is good! i can run some errands. do you know the nearest ups shipping center?"

"uh... hmmm... no."

"that's okay. you know, i'll just call the 1-800 number. okay... i'll see you at 3!"

after i shipped my student's film off, i tried to find a place to eat lunch. i figured, since i was on the road i could break my junk food fast and get some mcdonald's--yes, nasty mcdonald's... i had a good excuse today.

i saw a mickey d's across the street from the UPS site i went to, but i couldn't maneuver my car to do a U turn and get on the opposite side of the boulevard's center divider.

"fuck it. i won't eat. i'll just go to the chiropractor's."

instead, i found a subway. dammit. if only mickey d's were on the right side of the road.

at the doctor's, i go through muscle testing to find out that i'm calcium deficient and my body's getting thrown off because--


the doctor holds a bottle of sugar in front of my face as i lie on my back. my body's energy is all fucked up because of sugar. great. i was probably his most animated patient. i yelped with every adjustment he made to my body. whenever i was to signal discomfort as he pressed certain pressure points on my back, i couldn't formulate any words. a few times, i would tell him, "woof!" when he hit a painful point. he understood. i guess he spoke dog, too. that, and i'm too damn ticklish. i kept laughing and kicking my legs up whenever he had to press on my stomach. next time, i may need to suggest that he use restraints on me.

the verdict?

i can't have any simple sugars (carbs) for the next six weeks. no alcohol, no bread, no pasta, not even sweetener substitutes. six weeks. i'm entering the atkins nightmare. great. i also have to increase the amount of raw vegetables that i eat. no problem... but, i guess i can't top off that quarter bottle of alcoholic cider and that last bar of dark chocolate sitting in my fridge... dammit. i forgot to tell him that i smoke... occasionally. at most i'll have 5 a day, but sometimes, i'll only have 2... when i'm good. i'm thinking of quitting. i'm thinking of trying to quit. i'm thinking. i'm thinking too much and not acting.

i tried to bounce off the idea to "h" that i have a "last hurrah" tonight and finish my cider, eat my chocolate and break the rules. he said i was being half-assed. well, last i checked, i had two cheeks. yes, i'm being vulgar; he was being mr. "tough love/scared straight."

i didn't finish the cider nor did i eat the chocolate. i had a smoke, though.


in template limbo

i dunno. with this temporary template, i feel impelled to write science fiction on here . i hope blogger fixes whatever bug is making it so i can't use my own template. i've been waiting... and waiting.

in order to boost readership of my other blog, i posted an ad in the los angeles craigslist bulletins for "women seeking men." i'm new to this whole craigslist thing, so i just figured the content of the blog suited the category.

i was wrong.

even though readership zoomed to almost 200 readers in one day (believe me, that's a gastronomical improvement for the site), i soon got a message from the craigslist people that i "miscategorized" my post, and therefore, it was PULLED! fine. see if i care. supposedly, i should've posted it to "services offered." my love ain't for sale! i was just trying to write about it.

oh, well. in the meantime. i miss my eye8infiniti logo.


experiencing technical difficulties

i should've left well-enough alone (as that cliche goes). i tried to tweak my blog template and instead got gibberish upon publishing since blogger seems to have some bugs with its new publishing interface. so now, i have to settle for this design until something gets fixed...

oh, well. i'm crossing my fingers.