my brother's shenanigans

my brother in italy sent me this e-card for my birthday. he and i always get into political debates that usually end with him hanging up on me. that's why i don't have an international long-distance plan on my home phone... what the hell for?

he knows i hate country music (ok... i save a special place in my heart for dolly parton, but once she gets into patriotic mode... forget it!) and even more so, "kkkuntry boys" that flash the american flag everywhere. i couldn't believe the lyrics to this brooks & dunn song (on their new album "steers & stripes." in stores now!). when you watch the video, pay attention to the generic pictures of people of color that they use to show "freedom!" my ass... they should put jail bars across their faces. maybe i should write a country song about the post-911 detainees. idiots.


more on my birthday later, but first...

my dog sent me this:

things like this make aging easier. granted, i did have issues as to whether or not i was invading my dog's privacy by posting her visage onto cyberspace, but i figured the "little orphan annie" eye effect she did will give her the anonymity she deserves. woof!