whoa! yet another march 8th entry. life must REALLY be dragging merri-lessly along. i can't wait until the novelty of this whole blog stuff wears away, and i can take it for granted.

isn't that what draws us to new things? we want to be able to take it for granted because the new thing is so well-used and regarded that to not regard it is a nice luxury. i'm sure as time wears on i will not have as many entries per day on this blog because i've finally taken it for granted... or, hopefully, my life will get more exciting and i will have stopped my procrastinating and gotten my work done.

i truly abhor the bush administration with all my might. it's even made worse with such an asinine mascot like "dubya." he makes it that much more insulting.

i'm conflicted with trying to be optimistic and giving in to my dreaded reality: we're going to hell; the glass is half full.

who ate the rat poison?
i did... SHE did.
we both did.
it looked just like "skinny and sweet." except for the skull and crossbones.

i think it's odd that i've gone this far in creating my very first blog, yet i know jack (SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT!) about creating web sites. ever since i had to use the AP style manual at my last job, i've always been tempted to capitalize the first "w" in "web"--even when i'm doing the bell hooksian lower case type style.

i don't know if i can type "obscenities" on here. (well, for all you smart asses, i JUST DID!) i feel i'd be stifling full expression, if i couldn't. who the hell do i think is reading this?