this entry title is in homage of david bowie. may he recover from arterial surgery ASAP. if you haven't visited in a while, you will now notice i have once again changed my template. there are new features:

* when perusing my archives, you can either click on "eye.8.infiniti.home" at the bottom of the archives list, OR BETTER

* click on the title image at the top that has the eye8infiniti logo--courtesy of an ex from some time ago.

this must be pretty dry reading for a journal, but i was just excited about the new design. i promise. next time, i'll bring the juice of my life... the juice.

i'm on a world tour

well... not quite. i just got back from mississippi where i was teaching a workshop for a week. now, i'm in LA for a minute before jumping out to arizona... then seattle... then portland...i'll have spent only a week in my home this month. i wonder if i can get my rent pro-rated.

many on-the-road homes. no groupies. no roadies. just a sack filled with my portable life.

i miss my own toilet.