daily deprivation update

i went back to my healer today after two weeks. i gave him my homework of tracking my daily diet and found out i had a new adjustment to make:

"how much coffee do you drink?"

"uhh... well. i have two cups in the morning, and on some days, i'll have another two at night."

"i'm gonna have to have you cut that out for awhile."


i'm gonna have to now drink mate tea in the morning. drats! i could've lied. maybe, if i lie next time i'll get to eat a lemon meringue pie.

i confessed to being a smoker. he gave me these tiny magnets on adhesive circles that he inserted in both ears.

"when you have a craving, press on these in your ear."

following my visit to the healer, i went to a meeting for work. coming out of it, an urge hit me. i pinched my ear.

"are you all right?" this woman coming out of the same building as me spotted me. i explained the magnet situation. she looked at my ear.

"wow. you got them in both ears? does it work?"

i didn't know what to say, since i was planning to head straight home to smoke my last cigarette.

"i hope."


forgive the self-referential posting

really. blogging about blogging is like a newspaper writing about the ink and paper on which its words are printed--but, i had to do it. apologies.

the "next blog" option at the top of all newly published blogger blogs is really an interesting option. i get to peruse blogs of people i know i'll never meet and whose blogs i may have never seen. just now, i clicked on the "next blog" link and got this hilarious exchange between a blogger and the people who love/hate and comment on his blog.

a comment thread between the blogger's girlfriend and the "hater" went like this:

"You [the blogger] a with out a shadow od a doubt the biggest ass hole I have ever met in my life"
# posted by [hater]

"[insert hater's name] you really need to learn how to spell. And if you got to know [insert blogger author] you would know that he isent an asshole. Your problem is that your closed minded."
# posted by [blogger's girlfriend]

"Of crouse ur going to defend ur bf duh, However i have learn to see what is there ad i don't look through rose colored glass I see the woorld for the flith hole it turly is"
# posted by [hater] :

"Just because he is my b/f dosent mean i have to stand up for him i am just saying that you are closed minded because you see all the bad because some bad things have happened to you and you cant get over it so you cant see all the good things. oh and by the way learn how to spell."
# posted by [girlfriend]

these serendipitous reads in cyberspace really bring a sparkle to my life.

just like...

i went on a date this past saturday to see the gunther von hagens' "body worlds" exhibit of real human body sculptures. at the end of the three hour trek through bodies and body parts, i found this comment written about the exhibit in a visitor's comments book:

"my stomach is still queasy, but my mind is sparkling with understanding."

a classic find! what a way with words.


"nice jeans"

i would wait until the last day of my car's registration month to get it smogged so i can renew. i do that with everything. i finally did my taxes--on the last day for those who filed extensions back in april. with my bills, i'm not so lucky. i usually do it after the deadline. i should tell my creditors that i'm late because it "keeps me humble."

the smog guy was nice. he didn't crack any unnecessary smiles that i would have to return. his uniform was a short-sleeve blue button down with matching blue shorts. i noticed in his garage that he was reading "fast food nation." had i been in a more chatty and faux friendly-with-the-strangers mood, i would have asked if he had seen "super size me." but i wasn't, so i didn't.

instead, as he swiped my credit card for payment, he glanced down at my outfit and said matter-of-factly, "nice jeans." it took me by surprise, since i couldn't figure out what was so special about them. they weren't even clean jeans. for a moment i thought he was being facetious. maybe my fly was down. without looking to check, i pulled my shirt down over my fly--just in case. i figured, i'll check when i get back home.

he even cleaned my windshield for me, since he couldn't see the smog machine through my filthy windows. i felt bad that he had to do so. it's like having someone else wipe your ass. ok. that was really vulgar. it's not that bad, but can you believe it? someone else had to clean up after me. that's pathetic.

at least he liked my jeans.