when "opportunity knocks"... SHUT THE DAMN DOOR! 

i went to one of my high schools for work today to schedule an observation. it was a school that i had visited before when one of my friends was having his senior class high school play perform last summer. outside, i had noticed an obnoxious mini van screened with "NAVY" all over it. immediately i thought, "the fuckers!" as i entered the main building.

when i signed in on the visitor's list to receive my pass, i noticed that the two individuals before me had signed in as ROTC. fucking military recruiters. they need to stay off school campuses. i know they don't try to hustle rich, white kids in the more affluent neighborhoods because they're all probably going to college. meanwhile, they hover like flies trying to lay maggots at all the "urban" (read: working-class and people of color) schools. it made me sick, since the last two schools i visited this week were schools attended by youth that i've worked with and have gotten to know.

i remember when they would hustle my high school. they would waltz in during my english classes with their uniforms trying to get us "excited" about wearing their polyester threads and toting a gun for freedom around the world. not only that, but we all were mandated to take the ASVAB, and have our personal information handed out to inarticulate fucks who would call me at night to get me to meet with them and talk about my "future." maybe, when i see a decent and ethical administration running this country, and see a governing system that actually works will i consider asking myself what i can do for this country... in a military uniform. until then, i'm sticking to cotton threads and dissidence.



say whuh? 

apparently, my death is the color of green... whatever that means. perhaps it's a stage of decomposition?

GREEN, Your death's colour is Green. Death of the

mind. Your heart is isolated within your

mind. You seek knowledge. You are very rare.

??Which colour of Death is yours??
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