soup or salad? yes

i can't figure out if i'm suffering from some amazing, superbly powerful allergies, or if i have a cold. for some reason, i don't think it's a cold because i don't feel as fatigued as i usually do when i have a cold. that, and i'm not doing the melodramatic, "i'm gonna die," thing with my symptoms. let me clarify that last sentence. usually, when i'm sick, my monomaniacal mind fixates on the illness and i become more incapacitated than the average sick person. flus are near-death, bronchitis-walking death, colds-whoa is me suffering and i refuse to bathe or get out of bed big baby wanting death.

cold or allergies? i can't figure it out. regardless, they both create the same collection of wet, damp, or dry and crusty snot rags. lovely. i must be a big draw on the social scene, right now.

maybe it's a cold (here i go with the monomania, you can stop reading here if you'd like). tuesday night i went out dancing with "r," "a," and "d" and we were radical rump shakers in a small dance room with padded beige walls. the dj had an mc that bombarded us with death threats to dance and then rewarded us with, "it's gonna get real fierce up in heah, up in heah." the evening's recipe consisted of whiskey+two parts cigarettes (i'm an "ex" smoker, mind you), and multiple parts sweat and germs of other people=cold or allergies?

i believe i'm within the 2-3 day incubation period to exhibit symptoms of an illness following exposure (tuesday night). i better change my story, then. i keep telling people i have allergies. my roommate even lent me some of her zyrtec. if you see me... keep your distance and wash your hands cuz it's gonna get real fierce up in heah, up in heah... now, get on that dance floor! where the fuck are you LA?"


asster's studio

i'm sure james lipton is excited about having j.lo(w talent) on the actor's studio. supposedly, she'll be the first latina on the show. now that's a crime. he should get rita moreno on the show! i've always wanted to know how she felt having to fake a puerto rican accent with a bunch of white actors faking puerto rican accents in westside story. that, and i just LOVED her in four seasons.


ab faz!

this is absolutely fascinating. it's something that i've heard about indirectly: that whole souped up stylish car show/boob fest thing. i'm surprised at how unabashedly male hetero this scene is. it blows my mind in a disturbing way. cars and chicks. tits and transmissions. 2 fast 2 furious 2 ridiculous. there's no recipe more simple than that to appeal to the lowest common denominator dude. are the people who attend these shows the reading audience of maxim? is there an equivalent "chick" for the readers of omni magazine? this world is truly rich in oddities. i wonder what else i'll learn about in this life.