to well with everything

woke up this morning after only 4 hours of sleep to hear roommate + boyfriend in the shower together. initial thought, "great mental image: naked roommate + naked boyfriend=too fucking early in the morning." but i was as buoyant as the unsinkable molly brown, minus the nouveau riche lifestyle.

my plan of action? i'm going to the beach. i'm going to walk up to the waves, lie on my back and read under the sun before the last few precious days of somewhat warm fall weather run away from me. i have a trash heap for a bedroom, piles of bills to pay and a to do list waiting for me to even look it over, but i've decided. what if a semi-truck hits me tomorrow (in karmic reaction to things done in the past?) in preparation, i'll do as pj says, "we'll float... take life as it comes." i'm going to get my last minute tan before that sun comes and goes!!!!


i will never watch a schwarzenegger film again

i was driving north on crenshaw blvd. tonight when i saw a lone man carrying a makeshift sign that read, "vote now, please." as traffic slowed, i gave him the thumbs up to let him know that his sign was being read and that people are voting. i thought how just him trying to take what action he could to affect some kind of change or act as some kind of catalyst was probably more than what arnie will ever accomplish as our clownish governor. i sit here tonight bitter that another slew of too rich, white men republicans got their foot in the door of this chaotic recall election, and now we have a bodybuilding, lady gropin', buffoon to run this state for the next 3.5 years. what kind of hell are we in? not to mention, for this special election, they "streamlined" the polling places so that there are fewer places to vote. that means people had to travel further to cast their ballots--and we know who usually has to work the hardest to get to the polls... the underpaid, overworked working classes. this country sucks. i blame james cameron for bringing that nazi into the state capitol... i'm bitter... party of many, but we didn't have enough money to fend off the republican railroad. maria shriver, what the hell were you thinking? well, i suppose you weren't. you just read teleprompters, anyway. (the only highlight: prop. 54 was defeated. the recurring nightmare of ward connerly was put to rest tonight.)

yeah. yeah. this was SUCH the rant, but i'm reserving energy for more work in the kitchen of dissent... we need to get cooking.