the system's fucked

warning: the following has an excessive number of expletives. read them as a measure of my cynicism at the time of this posting, if you will.

i'm still voting today. the dubya fuckheads have had four years to devise a way to rig this gig on 2 november, but i'm still gonna fucking vote. i can still dream of democracy, even though we're living in a fucked oligarchy.

i just finished doing all my homework on all the propositions and measures for this year's election. i not only fear for how conservative, middle america votes, but also the progressive, pressed-for-time voters that might make the grave mistake of straight-up voting according to the seemingly liberal/progressive voter guides of rags like the la weekly without reading up on all the stuff those rags never really tell you. this country is starving for an educated and informed populace that is given all the information it needs to make a voting decision. but, how can we expect that when we don't have a free press? when only the candidates who can afford a 23-second tv spot get to terrorize viewers with their three-piece suits and canned sardine slogans -- how can voters get a fair hearing of their options? then again, even if we did get access to all the information we needed, the fucking elections would still be rigged.

i drove past an anti-bush rally tonight. someone held a sign that read, "bush. you're fired." the fucker was never hired in the first place.