a-a-avian flu 

i listened to the ever-eloquent ass-peak of dubya this morning on the radio. a reporter asked him about how prepared the administration was in preparing for an outbreak of avian flu. it was a treat to listen to him stammer and practice the art of ventriloquism as he tried (very badly) to repeat whatever words of "wisdom" were being piped into his earpiece. it was hilarious. it sounded like he had some omniscient wikipedia expert feeding him his lines. he even offered a bibliographic reference and said, "i suggest you read it." but, did he? i remember his wife, laura, saying to a reporter how dubya just likes to read mystery novels. somehow, he doesn't strike me as the bookish type. though, he sure does know how to school us on avian flu. maybe a bird will shit on him and gives him good luck for his next press conference.


london calling! friend looking for housing & work 

my friend, "r," who recently left los angeles for london is about to start his Ph.D. program, but is looking for more affordable housing and work. do any of you UK readers have any suggestions? please let me know! you can contact me via e-mail: eye_8_infiniti at ureach dot com. he's looking for housing in and around zones 2 and 4 within the price range of 60 to 80 pounds a week. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks!