it's official... I'M GOING ON VACATION!!

well... in june. but THANK GOD!!!! i'm so burnt out. now, i need to figure out where to go. hmmm... maybe new york. i'll visit, "h." maybe i need to find a travel buddy. shit. i'm ready. i haven't been on vacation since december 2002. (this is where i drop to my knees as tears stream down my dusty face with my arms raised to the sky in relief) 2004 is a new year. my life begins again.


what's cooking?

i have a fear of flies or bees in enclosed rooms. tonight, i heard a buzzing sound as i typed on my computer. i looked at my window to see what looked like a bee. i ran to the kitchen, grabbed a fly swatter and tried to relocate the buzzing in my room. instead of a bee, on the ceiling, i see a fat fly rubbing its legs together. on my tip toes, i swatted and missed. the second time, i whacked it lightly and it fell. i ran away to avoid it landing on my head. i briefly heard the buzzing, but it soon stopped. carefully, i looked around the floor for the fallen fly. my toes curled with the thought of accidentally stepping on its mushy body. there was no fly to be found.

moments later. this smells starts creeping up my nose. it slowly gets stronger. had it been any other time of day, or place (since, i don't really cook) you'd think someone was cooking a meal and had maybe overdone it--it being a steak, a kabob, the vegetable side dish, etc. instead, i realize that i found the answer to the mystery of the missing fly corpse: it's frying in my halogen. now, how the hell am i going to sleep to this shit? i need to burn some incense.


bear with me... grrrr!

all right. so, this is the new permutation of eye8infiniti... and then some and i'm still debating on whether it was worth staying up until 3am to create. the design isn't exactly "clean," and i can't seem to figure out why it looks radically different from browser to browser. if you can, please let me know what you think. (i'm sure you all can--i'm talking to the minions that routinely walk from their fridges to their computers just to read this--but, most of you just won't). just do me a favor, let me know if i'm doing cyber aesthetic suicide, here.