i need to sleep

so why the hell am i blogging? i was just told that i can be very hard to read in terms of what i may or may not want in a dating situation/relationship. i thought i was so transparent. at the least, translucent... but, can i really be opaque? i heard a high school all-girl punk band play on saturday and they were called opaque. but moi?

what if i fell for a woman with a woman just because her sign was like mine? would that justify my homewrecker urge? would i be falling for me? what the hell am i typing? let me reiterate the following: i need to sleep.


SPF... s.taying p.retty f.orever

now that i can no longer claim that i'm in my "mid-twenties," i've found a new found appreciation for sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. i'm going to battle the effects of UV rays. though, i believe in the motto, "black don't crack and brown don't frown," i'm covering up. no premature wrinkles here! i can't believe i've gone so many years without sunscreen. who was i kidding? actually, the sunscreen i use for my body makes me smell nice. (i almost got caught at work smelling my arm just now as i type this). i think i need to sleep more, also. there's nothing like a good night's sleep to battle the louis vuitton bags i have dangling below my eyes. jeez. i sound so l.a. lightning strike me dead right here if i ever consider botox... i think i'll pluck my gray hairs tonight... i sound so shallow. the world must be doubly fucked up if i'm resorting to stupid escapes like personal primping...