you want some crackers with that?

i love this post by "v." for someone who has a hard time dealing with the present, i really appreciate the advice to acknowledge it as the special thing it is... HAH!!! hallmark, you gotta love their talent in the flowery mundane... i swear. i wonder if a pilipino hallmark employee wrote that. we have such a way with puns. wait... is that technically a pun?


i'm feeling restless

i'm still mourning the loss of summer 2003. it's reminiscent of the somber period following the end of summer 1996. maybe my life goes through 7-year cycles. is that what the "7-year itch" is? what the hell was that story about? or movie. i really need to lie on the beach and get away. calgon? where did you go? can i tell you? i'm bracing myself for a long, brutal autumn. okay. maybe it's not that long and it's not that brutal. i'm just overly dramatic right now.

i'm reading "lord of the rings" and trying to plow through 1000 pages before the final installment of the movie trilogy arrives in december. you know... i feel like sam gamgee. sometimes, i can be a truly loyal person to people, where i lose all objectivity and at times, sanity. i guess loyalty can be a noble trait, but then i kind of feel like it can also be an auto-pilot state of mind. not that being loyal to your friends is bad, but if you're completely blinded by loyalty, you can easily become an automaton--a "yes" woman, a "yes" man. everyone (save for the Enemy) is so supportive of frodo. it's kind of sickening to read. wow. i sound bitter. well, i was the little girl who was driven mad by the pillsbury doughboy because she secretly desired to smash him into the kitchen counter--just so he wouldn't do his annoying chuckle, "ooh hoo hoo!"


once again... a silly essentialist quiz on my being

i took this quiz: "I scored a 68% on the "HoW FiliPiNo ArE yOU?" Quizie! What about you?" who comes up with this stuff? who knew that using shopping bags for garbage bags was such a definitive mark of "my people?" whatever.