failed experiment (aka. agnostic = i dunno)

i took down the half-baked idea i had six years ago of stapling "curtains" over my windows. i didn't even cover all of them. just a few. they weren't even curtains; they were non matching bedsheets that had collected six years of dust and cobwebs. i had to struggle with my staple remover to remove the large staples that were embedded in the wall. when i couldn't reach a staple, i just ripped the sheet off. for some reason, one of the "curtains" had some gaudy necklace pinned in the center. why? my dad once made a joke about it asking if it was some altar to some god. well, it's gone now. i guess i'm a non-practicing curtain worshipper. but, they weren't even curtains. i guess i've been worshipping false gods all these years.


false advertising

according to my sitemeter tracker, someone from the baghdad time zone keeps getting to my other blog by doing a google search on the word, "sex." i hate to disappoint him or her, but there ain't much going on there.