fight club

i've been curious about reading chuck palahniuk's book, "fight club," and then watching the movie based on it. "t" had this fascination with both the book and the movie, and i want to see what all the fuss is about. i love this review i found on amazon.com:

Only an American, May 15, 2004
A reader from Mindanao, Philippines
Palahniuk must be ecstatic! Now there's an Iraq War where all the disaffected young American men he writes about can go (...). Only an American can write this - the disaffection, the disdain and cynicism towards their own soft affluent lives in a culture that is the envy of the starving Third World majority, existential angst of men with everything but the imagination to make life meaningful for themselves and the rest of the world - yuppies approximating spiritual hunger, yuppies suffering ennui -not to worry. After Iraq, there's North Korea. Syria. Wow. Nothing like Osama and Saddam to cure the postmodernist blahs.

will curiosity kill this cat? or, will it benefit me to creep into the mind of the disaffected white man?

for the sake of new content...

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