faking the feng-k

last sunday night, i had posted an entry about how i was diligently working on the feng shui of my bedroom. i wrote about my chronic struggle against stagnant chi and about how i was so excited to de-clutter the area beneath my bed. i entitled the post, "feng-ky shui," but now it's long gone.

instead, when i logged into blogger to find out what had happened to the post, i discovered three additional posts written by other people besides me. i had infiltrators from diverse walks of life. one person had written about how they scored an "A-" in a "Christian Revolution" class. a second person wrote about his/her wine-tasting adventures in europe, and the third person wrote about how much he loved his wife and would never replace her. at first, i was a bit excited. i'm sure it's a blogger mess-up. what i wonder is, what happened to my post? is it on some random blog out there? is someone co-opting my "feng-ky shui" and feigning to suffer from stagnant chi? perhaps cyberspace has become a conduit for echoes from the past lives of bloggers. maybe in the past, i did study the christian revolution (and studied it so hard that i nearly aced the class). i may also have been a heavy wine drinker (though, i was really a heavy whiskey drinker in this lifetime). and, i may have been a man who loved his wife.

i wonder if my "feng-ky shui" post found its way to the blogger who used to be a serious pack rat in a past life.