who's the evil empire now?

ok. more madness that i blame on being post-call (or, really, post-post call, but who's counting.) if you want to get infuriated by how poorly americans are educated about world history and how easily they swallow corporate propaganda, read these comments posted against an entry at talkleft.com entitled iraq as america's stamping ground for world domination. i find it illuminating that my comment on the fact that the philippines was an imperial american colony for nearly 50 years has been thoroughly ignored, despite the fact that some pro-iraq-war folk insist that the u.s. has never "invaded, conquered, or colonized another nation."

how about we end this post with a cheery quote from our good friend adolf hitler: "what luck for rulers, that men do not think." this is no longer the america that our ancestors fought to defend. sad, sad, sad.

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