so much for sentimentality

to all my readers (enter crickets): unfortunately, i accidentally deleted my original comments interface account. i had to create a new one on backblog and it erased all my previous comments. i'm sad. so much history on those comments. sorry...(sigh).

marking time

i think my fascination with marking the of passage time serves a large part of my over sentimentality. whenever i think of thoughts or do actions that i haven't done in awhile, i always think, "wow. the last time i did this, things were like that." today, was full of a lot of that--in some of the most mundane ways.

i was reaching into a kitchen drawer to pull out a sandwich bag when the thought hit me: the last time i pulled out a sandwich bag, it was still summer and i was with "r." tonight, as i drove to fairfax high for my second date with "a," i kept thinking: the last time i was at fairfax high was when i went to see "c's" play with "r." when "a" and i were sitting inside the greenway theatre at fairfax high, i noticed that a lot of the set design for "c's" play was still in place: was that really only a month and a half ago?

i think it's a natural thing for humans to mark time, but why i ask, WHY do I mark time with some of the most ridiculous things... PULLING OUT A ZIPLOC BAG FOR CHRISSAKE'S??! i understand traveling down roads once travelled before--more talented writers actually write volumes of going down actual "memory lanes." maybe i've found my niche. i'll be the hack writer who marks time with ideas like: the last time i pulled out the garbage cans to the curb, the divorce wasn't yet final. yeah... i find those mental nuggets that no one else in the world cares for.


going to the beach

fuck yeah!